Vita Skin (Collagen Retinol) Cream

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Skin Stem Cells are responsible for regenerating new and healthy skin cells. Unfortunately, they are limited in number and life expectancy. Depletion of these cells is regarded as the primary cause of aging. Vita Skin Cream uses stem cell technology to stop and reverse the loss of these precious cells.

With age, skin renewal is slowed down and the production of key barrier lipids is reduced and your skin becomes more susceptible to environmental stress such as the cold and UV rays. Vita Skin Cream 2nd Stem Cell ingredient is used to increase your skin’s barrier to these harmful conditions.

Vita Skin Cream proprietary MAC-5 complex combines 5 of today’s top anti- aging ingredients that synergistically work together for maximum anti-aging results.

“In the future, Stem Cell Technology may change the world, but today Vita Skin Cream unique approach will change your skin’s ability to resist aging.”

Reviews By Customer’s

Advanced Skin Rejuvenation

Each day using Vita Skin Cream i feel like my skin is being transformed. My face feels and looks so much younger. I feel so much more beautiful, and I have Vita Skin Cream to thank for that.

2 and 4 Weeks Test Results

– Cathy Zukimoto | USA

My skin looked dull and tired. But today it is as bright and youthful. My pours are shrinking and my fine lines are dissapearing. With Vita Skin Cream i feel younger and younger each day.

2 and 4 Weeks Test Results

– Erin Chumas | USA


SYN®-COLLDesigned to Stimulate Collagen production thus reducing wrinkles, fine lines, and crows feet. 92% of the test reported visible results.

RonaFlair® Vita Skin Cream Red Carpet Ready Ingredient. A functional filler and light diffuser that instantly reduces the appearance wrinkles.

Hyaluronic AcidLocks in hydration thus reducing wrinkles by smoothing your skin tone, making it appear smooth and supple.

SYN®-Vita Skin Cream “Better than Botox” ingredient mimics the venom of the temple viper, relaxing the muscles and effectivley smoothing wrinkle in a very short period of time. An independent study showed an average of a 52% decrease in wrinkle debth after Just 28 days.

Kojic AcidKojic Acid is useful for reducing melisma spots (blotchy skin), evening of skin tone such as under eye-circles thus leading to vibrant healthy looking skin.


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